Wednesday, August 08, 2012

and then there were... 8?

My little Goose-man has found his place in the flock.  Happily, he joined the group with less stress than I imagined.   The other ducks were extremely welcoming and once he got over his initial fear, things went... well, swimmingly.  He still comes to me and begs to be picked up and cuddled though, which I am more than happy to do.  

Since that went so easily I thought, "hey, why not add another dynamic to the homestead?  We're short on chaos at the moment."

Enter the darkwing duck trio.  These are Cayuga ducks and were in need of a home where they could swim and do duck-like things so I brought them home with me.  I've wanted Cayugas so it seemed meant to be.

Can you see that iridescent shine?  Pretty, aren't they?

As I had hoped, they started swimming and doing duck-like things immediately.

The regular crew shuffled in to see who these interlopers were in their pond and I was ready to intervene if needed.  I thought for a moment I heard them snapping their fingertips as they approached, but no.

Much to my relief, there wasn't any conflict at all.  The Cayugas just filed out as the Pekins and Runner filed in, and went over to the other pond.

I'm sure they'll figure it all out and form a lovely little salt and pepper flock soon.  That ebony and ivory song is in my head... "live together in perfect harmony..."

Have a harmonious Wednesday, all.


Tricia said...

They are all beautiful. Glad they got along their first time together. "in harmony"

prpltrtl946 said...

I am so glad Goose was welcomed nicely into the flock!! He is still so cute!! 8*)

What a beautiful salt and pepper flock you have!! I loved the finger snapping reference! You crack me up!! 8*)

Are the Cayuga ducks' feathers going to be craft worthy? That shimmer is spectacular!! 8*)

Thanks for another day of fine feathered fun!! 8*)

lynn bowes said...

I can hear that Jets vs Sharks song in my head and probably will aaaaaaalll day, thanks a bunch. If you see any jazz hands on the pond, well then you'd have something special. Which reminds me of a joke I can't tell right now . . .

Anonymous said...

That is quite the little duck flock. We have Cayuga's at the Landing. They are a huge hit. Supposed to lay black eggs, but they haven't started yet. Unfortunately with each molt they are supposed to get lighter, eventually turning more white than black. They are stunning in their black and green feathers though.


bea's blog said...

How beautiful ~ I love ducks and geese!

joanie said...

Which ones are the Jets and which are the Sharks?
Your new additions are very handsome indeed.

leFiligree said...

gorgeous darkwing ducks!

Mary Jo Hoffman said...

Hi Lisa-
I found my way to you from your Minnesota comment on Margie's blog. Just wanted to say "Hi neighbor!"
Mary Jo in Mpls


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