Friday, August 17, 2012

wool acorns and guineas

I woke to 50 degree weather this morning.  I can feel autumn approaching and I think it's more than wishful thinking on my part.  I love autumn.  If I could live in a place that was autumn all year long, I would.

I noticed the other day that my favorite oak started dropping her acorns.  She's a very little oak but she has big beautiful acorn caps and I had to make some wool acorns to go in them.

I took them outside this morning to photograph them, naturally attracting the attention of the flock.  Anytime "the feeder" leaves the house with something in her hand is cause for excitement.

Even the guineas came to check it out.

They have beautiful feathers but a face only a near-sighted mother could love.  They eat ticks for us so in that regard they're gorgeous.   But I digress.

I made a few acorns for me and a few for you too, if you'd like them.  They're in my shop now.
I've been working on a few other pieces and will be adding them to the shop next week sometime as well.

I hope you have a great weekend, everyone.


joanie said...

It's so nice to see those acorns again! I love the guineas too, even their funny faces.

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Those acorns are adorable and they look so beautifully made --

Vintage Tracy said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww I hate ticks. Maybe I should get some of those purdy birds!

Jill said...

The acorns are gone already! Will you make more? How about the hollow acorns with the little mushroom inside? I love acorns!

Annie Cholewa said...

Beautiful Lisa :D

I've been thinking of teaching myself to needle felt ... do you think these would be good things for a beginner to try.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thank you so much, everyone!

Tracy - it's said that a pair of guineas can clear an acre of ticks. Works for me! I hate ticks too. blech.

Jill - I will probably make a few more wool acorns, and plan to make some of the acorn ornaments with the tiny mushrooms too. I'll be sure to post before I put them in the shop. Thank you for asking!

Annie - I think acorns are a perfect beginner project. Plus, once you figure out how to make the seed part, you can translate that to lots of other wool bead projects.

k said...

if you find that place that is autumn all year, let me know and i will join you! i love your little acorns - the ones i have might need some friends soon.

julochka said...

the guineas look a bit more fetching than they did when i was there...they had some kind of bald neck thing going on then. my photos of them are rather flattering tho', as my camera lens fogged up in the heat after being inside the air-conditioned house, so they look rather dreamy. :-) ha!

when you said you woke up to 50 degrees, i thought, dang, it's gotten even hotter there! then i remembered it was fahrenheit. :-)


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