Monday, February 11, 2013

stones, stones, stones

 Unusual little stones popping up on my table.

 Stones as necklaces too.

 Stones for my Art-o-Mat edition.

And this, that I carved this weekend.  It will have stones as well.

And stones arriving from around the world, waiting to be in my hands.

It seems I'm knee-deep in stones here so things will be a little stone-centric on the blog for a bit too.  Right now I'm full of enthusiasm but I know me, and I know I'll need a break sooner or later.  Probably sooner.  Then you'll see something decidedly un-stone-like pop up. 

'Til then... stones.

Have a great Monday all, I hope your week rocks.  (ho ho ho)


Unknown said...

I love seeing all of your individual stones so stones stones stones sounds frabjous to me! Unstonely things are good too though, hehehe <3

julochka said...

i can't wait to see what happens with the wood. and that first one? awesomeness! stones rock.

stephane in alaska said...

Thank you, once again, for a much needed lift! : )

Mousy Brown said...

Your stones were appearing here yesterday too...I tried that tutorial on your sidebar ( I have been meaning to forever!) and now I have a couple of little Welsh stones all felted and ready to give as Valentines gifts for my sons...I think now the bug has bitten me and there will be more stones on the horizon! Can't wait to see all yours for much needed inspiration :D

Ariadne said...

Red caviar I would call the first one. I am so looking forward to seeing every one you are making!AriadnefromGreece!

Katie Cannon said...

I love all the stones so keep them coming. Thanks for sharing about the AIC info. I am working on a prototype to send them because you shared this here.

Lisa said...

I need to get our stone sent off to you...I love seeing you so busy and wood I get excited to see what you are going to create!

redwitch said...

The first stone that is bejewelled with red beads is my favourite so far. Loving this project - keep rocking on! :)

Margie Oomen said...

you are truly a rock star


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