Wednesday, April 17, 2013

completed stone - vp in Hungary

I received this lovely stone from Victoria in Hungary.  In her note she said that she gathered it from the river Danube where she used to work as a stewardess on a hydrofoil.

I knew immediately that water had to play a part in her stone so I mixed up some fibers in watery colors.  I added some stitches that spoke to me like ripples, spreading out, occasionally encountering an interruption.

 Victoria mentioned that she has discovered needle-felting and that she finds it an interesting and healing art.  I couldn't agree more, Victoria.  Thank you for send me your stone and for sharing your note with me.  (If you're reading, I didn't get your email address with the stone, if you would contact me at lilfishstudios(at)gmail(dot)com I'll update my records so I can contact you after the stone project is completed.)

 I have over 50 stones already but I'd like to add more to the project.  If anyone else would like to send a stone to me, I'd love to have them.  You can get all the information on this post HERE.
Have a great day, everyone.


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa I am working in camden maine today-got a stone for you from Camden harbor! I will find another one from lincolnville tonight after work and send them to you! Your project is so cool- cant wait to see the finished presentation!

Margie Oomen said...

i still haven't sent you mine but I first want to collect it in person in newfoundland in a few weeks

MagaMerlina said...

I really really love your pebbles! I've been hugely inspired by your work and I'm stitching again after many years.
Next week I will send you the pebble from NZ for your project .

Anonymous said...

I love the blues in this, soothing.
This pile of stones is growing and growing in a big beautiful way.

Szera said...

Hi! This story is very touching! Greetings from Hungary: Szera
:) <3


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