Saturday, May 10, 2014

mini mushrooms

I've been working on some little mushroom terrariums for an upcoming class.  Teeny tiny little things.  They make me happy.

Still working on them but will share photos when they're done.  I'll share details of the class, too, when I have them.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Jean Baardsen said...

Love your work! I've just started getting emails when you post on your blog. I wanted to mention that I love the picture of you and the duck. Looks like the one who works for AFLAC. :o)

Marilee said...

Just too darn cute, Lisa. If I lived closer I would love to take you class.

Unknown said...

They are lovely! :-)

Angela Sandberg said...

Aaaah! Adorableness! Love them.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

you gifted lady you.
they are adorable !

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa-They make me happy too! Your mushrooms are my favorite! I love to see them! Awesome!!!!


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