Monday, June 23, 2014

how much is that ducky in the window?

Peep, peep.
My little fuzzlings are getting so big already.

They're enjoying days out in the yard, safe in the confines of their tractor.  They're getting swimmy time and bug-eating time, and generally enjoying being ducks.

Their parents are not even the least bit interested in them, but it wasn't until Goose had turned white that his mom wanted anything to do with him so we'll see.  That's big Goose on the right, in mid-Quack.

And what is this?  Why yes, three new little lives were added to the brooder box yesterday.

 One little yellow Pekin and two silvery black Pekin/Cayuga crosses.  One of the little guys has yellow wing tips and an orange stripe on each of his black feet.  I'm utterly in love.

More photos to come, as they get their fluff.

Have a  wonderful start to the week, everyone.


Moois van mie said...

ohh sweeties!!!!

Heather Eddy said...

Oh I love the picture of the submerged heart stone!

Zoe said...

They are SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Enten schauen so süß, wie sie sind so klein und gelb Weibchen :) groß, während einige sind lustig :D


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