Wednesday, June 11, 2014

random stuff on a Tuesday

I had a craving this week for something sweet and creamy.  I really wanted ice cream, but alas, we had none.  I did have some rhubarb stalks though and coconut milk.  I infused a simple syrup with the rhubarb (which, holy wow, is that tasty) and added it to a slushie I made with the coconut milk and grated ginger.  Yes.  Oh my yes.  About a gazillion calories, but yes anyway.

I bought this sweet little oil lamp from my friend Haddie the potter and my kids lost the wick so I turned it into a little water reservoir for an acorn.  I keep it on my window ledge at work and when I came back after the weekend I found that my acorn has sprouted teeny tiny leaves.  Happiness.

Betty thinks my patio furniture is her perch.  It is not.  Do you hear me, Betty?  Not.

In a few days I may be a grandma.  Our little Goose may be a daddy soon. Though I never count my chickens ducks before they hatch, two of the eggs in the incubator have pipped as of this morning.  They still have to make it through hatch, but there is a little hope that I might have two ducklings to love soon.  Cross your fingers for us.

Stones.  I miss working on stones.  My work life and my home life have been pretty busy and my hands are yearning for their own work.  I'm hoping to put some of these stones in them this weekend.

What's up with you?


RaeRaggs said...

Your drink sounds yummy and I may have to try it. I make my "icecream" with coconut milk because I have it on hand more often than heavy cream. What am I up to? I got 2 giant bags of raw wool FOR FREE that I have to clean. That should keep me busy for a long time. :)

Sandies' Patch said...

That drink sounds amazingly tasty!
Must get a rhubarb crown and plant it in my (laughingly called) fruit patch!
My friend has just got 2 Geese, White ones, Embden breed.
She is also going to get a pair of ducks too. She has 4 hens, Blue Favorolles.
I'm getting 4 hens at point of lay, in early August.....soooo excited!

Whatever sex of your goslings, I hope they are healthy!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa-fingers crossed for the new ducks! I have been making everything rhubarb to save for later. Lots of felting projects in the works-might finish something if I didnt have to go to work-what a pain going to work is! Really cuts into a girls time! I made your dandy honey-oh yum!! How are your clay vessels working out? Have a great rest of the week!

Unknown said...

It just felted my first stones (from Oregon) and it worked! I was amazed at how easy and satisfying it was. What a great idea. I have never embroidered anything but am going to try this. I do have a question... Do you use a curved needle to embroider on the stone ? I am thinking that would be the best way to attempt this. Your work is just beautiful..thanks.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

L. Ohland - I use the standard straight needles. I never could get the hang of the curved ones. Enjoy!


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