Saturday, June 28, 2014

teacup duck

This is our new batch of hatchlings who have been living in my bathtub.

This guy is a Pekin and who looks the most like his daddy, Goose, out of both batches of new babies.

His hatchmates are half Cayuga and half Pekin.  I find it interesting how the color traits of the parents are represented in the babies.  Black feet with orange stripes, black wings with white tips.  I can't wait to see them grow into their adult feathers.  I wonder how they'll change.

That little guy on the right is the same age as the other two but clearly is the runt of the litter.  He got off to a rough start and we didn't expect him to make it but he's perked up and we're hopeful.

We're careful not to call him a runt to his face.  Instead we call him a teacup duck.  It makes him feel trendy.

Have a ducky weekend, all.


Sandies' Patch said...

So cute!
Not long before I get my hens now, so excited!

celkalee said...

What adorable little creatures! Thank you so much for sharing, these photo's have brought a long needed smile to my face. In college I gifted my to-be husband a white duck. He lived in the Frat house with all the guys. What a character, his name was Goliath. On a party weekend some people were looking at him more as a meal than a pet so he came home to live with future in-laws. We still remember him fondly. Yeah ducks!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa-Goose must be a proud daddy! Those are some lucky ducks to be living at your house! Glad the little teacup is doing good-some times the littlest ones fight the hardest. so fun to see the pictures of them! Have a great week!

Tara said...

oh my goodness. That teacup duck is killing me with cuteness. Actually, all those ducklings are. I'll be heading out to my yard now to dig a pond in the hopes that I can talk my husband into some ducks next summer.

NanaBeast said...

I adore your teacup duck! (You gifted me a teacup I once admired on your blog - and when it arrived my husband was jealous of the squeals of ecstasy I made - remember?) But this photo of the little one in the cup is precious. They look so very soft. How can you keep your hands off? I also love the teacup he is occupying. Is is stoneware? It is lovely, duck sets it off to perfection. (NOT hinting I should have the duck or teacup.)

I have always admired the quality of your photography. Ever since seeing your acorns in wood bread bowls I've been hooked. These ducklings photos are making ache with beauty overload. (Wow, that sounds pretentious - but it is true!)

I sure wish I could attend your needle felting class. I actually have a starter kit and haven't braved the "ouch" factor. I've had the kit for years now. Ahem. What a weenie I can be.

Blessing to you and yours.

Terriea Kwong said...

How sweet ducklings they are. I just love reading your blog with all the pretty sweeties,.

Zoe said...

I love them all! I wish I could have ducks in my bathtub. Please continue posting pictures. :)

prpltrtl946 said...

That Teacup Duck is adorable! Does he have a name? Thank you for showing us his adorable-ness! 8*)


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