Saturday, November 01, 2008

Gearing up

Now that Halloween has passed, I feel myself gearing up for the Christmas season. I realized when I listed these new acorns in my shop this morning that my mind is already in frantic get-everything-done-before-Christmas mode.

Felted wool acorns - set of 3 - holly

I have a number of handmade gifts to complete this year. OK, well, start and then complete. On my list this year are new blankets for each of the boys, a couple of thumb pianos that I started last year but never completed, more felted worms, and super hero capes. I hope I'm able to summon up the energy to get all of these things done! For the time being I'll need to stop accepting new custom orders in my shop and focus on these projects and the custom orders I've already accepted. So if any of you out there know how to squeeze a couple extra hours into the day, I'm all ears.


Sunbasilgarden said...

These are so precious!!!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Aww Lisa, these are so pretty & so festive indeed, the colors are so strong, I love them ! That will make such a lovely decoration !
Oh my, I see you're like me & have a kilometer long list of crafty things & handmade gifts to start & complete ! Aren't we a bit crazy ? I think so, but then, it feels so good !!! :D
Have a great weekend, sweetie. Big hugs OXOX
PS : no, I don't own the secret of stretched days ... and I'm all ears too ... ahah

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I had a dream that it was 3 days before Christmas and I didn't have any gifts made or bought. It was awful!

Hopefully none of us will have to deal with that kind of stress!

SnappyShop.etsy said...

These pics are great! Thanks so much for including my apron!

two 'lil weeds mama said...

i missed getting some of those lovely acorns... hoping you put a few more onto your etsy shop, just noticed your shop today when it showed the beautiful little blue ones. cannot wait to keep peeking into your etsy shop!

=) pamela


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