Friday, November 14, 2008


I had to sort through one of my (many) unsorted boxes of vintage buttons today, in search of a specific type of button. I told myself I would go in there, find said buttons, and then put the box away. This never happens, but I was hopeful. Alas, as usual I got caught up, running the buttons through my hands and marveling at some of the more unusual. I'm always excited when I find "non-buttons" in these unsorted boxes. I've found everything from old keys, rings, very old marbles, dog tax tags from 1917, and doodads and oddities of every nature. Today I found a red enameled metal rose, a mother of pearl belt buckle, something that may have been a belt piece, and a little three-pronged doodad that says "victor" on it. TREASURE! I guess it's the small things in life, huh? If I can't go diving for treasure in the deep blue sea, I guess I'll be happy diving for treasure amidst old buttons.


Heather Eddy said...

Lisa - where do you get your buttons from? I have gotten (stolen) some from relatives, but I don't see any at my local thrift shops... You are fortunate, indeed!

Unknown said...

Where do you buy your buttons at? I would love to find some of my own treasure. Ebay?

t does wool said...

lovely treasure...old stuff...the best kind...!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I do find many of them on ebay, and sometimes Etsy, but I also check out antique stores, thrift stores, and garage sales. Garage sales are great for finding old clothes inexpensively. I cut the buttons off and then if the fabric is salvageable, I use that for other projects.

Of course, I have been known to beg relatives, trade for them, etc. I have no shame when it comes to vintage buttons. :D

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I love finding treasures! That happens to me with my yarn stash and my antique photo collection!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

What a treasure indeed, sweetie !
I hope you'll have a great weekend ahead ! Sending much love OXOXO


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