Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Night owls

Last night was a rough one. The little ones are coming down with colds and were up most of the night, in tag-team fashion. That means I was sneaking bits of sleep on the couch in between calls of "mommmmy" and demands for water and cuddles. I did get a chuckle around 2am when my youngest, who was sleeping on my lap, yelled out "mailbox!". What on earth was he dreaming about?

It was a really clear night and the moon was still nearly full, illuminating the woods in a beautiful glow. The stars were out and the dipper was sitting right in front of my window. Without the interruption of city lights, the stars are really something to see in my neck of the woods.

I had hoped to see some activity, owls swooping for prey, coyotes checking out the compost pile, acrobatic flying squirrels, something, but all was quiet and still. Except of course, for my little night owls.

felted wool owl ornaments I recently finished, of recycled sweater wool with vintage button eyes


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Hi Lisa,
aww sorry that both the boys are coming down with a cold ... sure it's no fun when they can't breath at night. Tough nights for mama then ... I keep you in my thoughts. And hope they'll feel better soon, and that you'll get better night sleep ASAP.
The night owls are so cute, just commented about them on Flickr. They're just too adorable for words ! Great work as usual, my friend !
Wishing you strenght & patience, and sending you tons of hugs OXOXOXO Take care. I hope YOU are feeling good.

Ant said...

I hope you and your sweet night owls can get a nap in today!

Sweet felted owls too!

Anna said...

I hope your little ones feel better soon! The sleep-talking blurt of "mailbox" made me laugh. Amazing that our brains are busy at work while we sleep. What kind of owls do you see where you live? Love the felted owls with their layered eyes and beak.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I'm sorry you had to stay up all night! And, you didn't even see any night creatures. At least the stars were out for you :)

Those owls are so cute! Their big huge eyes are my favorite part!

t does wool said...

aww,hope everyone sleeps well tonite!

Annie B said...

these are beautiful. And I love your description of where you live and how it is at night. I live in central London and we rarely see stars due to light pollution. There is a large part of me that wuld love to be somewhere like you are. But it makes up for it to know that my little birdie pouches were made somewhere so beautiful. Well, a bit at least. Hope you guys are all on the mend now and sleeping is easier.

Bethany said...

I have a feeling my night will be like this tonight. I LOVE your felt owls! We have owls in our backyard and sometimes THEY keep us awake!

Marchi Wierson said...

really really great!!!

SABINA said...

ohhh so cute! i link you in my blog! yours is beautiful! :)



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