Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Much To Report

Well, how's that for a blog post title?  In truth, there isn't much to report this week.  We're adjusting to hubby's new work schedule and finding time to do much of anything besides kid-chasin' has been a real struggle.  I'm confident that we'll get settled shortly though.  Some days are just like this. 

In the meantime the kidlets and I have been tending to our new chicks, gathering from the woods, and doing some cooking together.  This week we sugared violets for our banana muffins, made some cheese, sweet potato gnocchi, and tonight we're making parsnip muffins.  It will be the very first time any of us have had parsnips so this should be interesting. 

In studio news, my little shop is in the IndieFixx Spring Galleria.  If you're looking for some new indie shops to discover, you should check it out.  There are some really amazing finds and "new to me" shops.  IndieFixx is a lifestyle blog and more, and is a wonderful source of information and inspiration. 

In the woods, we're seeing much more green.  Today is day two of rain and it's amazing just how quickly everything greens up.  The ferns are coming up, the trilliums are unfurling, and the acorns are starting to sprout.  We're enjoying this period of beautiful bug-free weather immensely.

I hope you had a good week.  Enjoy your weekend! 


Unknown said...

I love these woodland shots! Gorgeous!!
I'm in the Indie fixx galleria too.I was delighted to see your adorable shop in there!:)

lynn bowes said...

How did I never hear about IndieFixx? Such a nice site - congratulations on being featured.

Not so sure about the parsnip muffins . . . lemme know how they go over =-&

Heather Eddy said...

What kind of cheese did you make? It's been on my mind (a lot) to start making my own cheese...

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Helen - that's so great! I'm so glad to see you there. :)

Lynn - I'm glad I could introduce you.

Heather - I've made mozzarella and ricotta, and a goat's cheese. Loved them all, and super easy. So easy you'll smack yourself in the forehead for not trying it earlier. urbancheesecraft on Etsy has really convenient and competitively-priced kits.


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