Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Quite Mushroom Mania

Well, I had hoped to be ultra-productive this week and finish up enough mushroom sculptures to proclaim an all-out Mushroom Mania!! in my shop this week, but that's not gonna happen.

I did taxes (blech), recovered from the depression resulting from taxes, dreamt of Maine, and France, and the Doo Nanny, and of friends.  Gathered birch bark, got lost in making plans for the birch know how that goes?

I did finish one tiny twosome, and I'm almost done with another piece that's already spoken for, but I'm afraid that will be it for this week.  We've been invited to dinner tonight so this week is kind of a wash.

I hope to be back in the groove next week.  I have so many ideas that I feel like I'm going to bust.  I actually pulled out the sketchbook, something I rarely do, just so I don't forget all of these ideas rattling around in my head.

I hope you're having a more productive week, or at least enjoying a non-productive week, if that's the case.


Unknown said...

oh that is so gorgeous!!
bOY DO i KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN , ABOUT A WASH!! this week was hubby's AND 3 year old's birthday in the same week! Gotta shelve all the creative ideas trying to burst outta me!!hehe.. but 3 year old's are so cute ..they FINALLY understand what this birthday thing is all about!
Hope you can get your groove on next week ! the world needs more of your sweet mushrooms!
Cheers , Helen

Unknown said...

Hi there I would love to buy the little mushrooms but didn't see them in your shop..are these ones sold ??
If not already sold..they are now!! hehe.. just email me
they would look great in a glass cloche I have!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

I've stopped making lists of things I need to get done each day and moved to making lists of things I have gotten done.. however small. Makes for a happier life! Love your little toadstools!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

aw, sorry my friend
I know myself that we can't plan always plan things, and the most productive weeks don't happen more particularly when you think you will have them.
I'm sure next week will be better, if not earlier, the weekend.
I'm happy to see more of your creative space, thanks so much for sharing ! :)
sending you many hugs xoxo

NanaBeast said...

Lisa! The shrooms in the thimble are so very beautiful. And is that a velvet, or flocked acorn cap there???

Margie Oomen said...

sorry for being responsible for at least some of the more positive distractions

Anonymous said...

at first that last picture in the thimble looked like a cupcake tin...and then that got me thinking....mushroom "cupcakes," pincushions, several little mushroom tops on a felted "mossy" a cupcake tin! maybe i just want cupcakes...

Unknown said...

Lisa .. I recieved my mushrooms!! Ridiculously adorable!! If at all possible these are even way more gorgeous in real life!!

So tiny .. so perfect!!
Thank you! Helen

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Helen - hooray!! :D I'm so glad you like them. That makes my day.

Unknown said...

Cool Lisa! Oh PS..... I soooo loved my little precious acorn surprise tooo....


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