Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wood Walking

The kids are still under the weather and I am as well.  The weather outside was too nice to miss out on so I left the kiddies with the hubby and went for a long slow walk in the woods yesterday.

Brown is still the predominant color in our woods but there were a few punches of green sprinkled about, and no bugs!  The wind was really blowing and the tops of the trees were swaying and tangling and talking.  A few trees had fallen, including a birch, that we'll have to come back and haul out for firewood and crafting. 

This downed birch had amazing mushrooms on it.

If left to decay, this birch will eventually look like this:


  As the tree decays, the bark remains in tact.  The tree inside crumbles and feeds the forest floor.
 See that dark spot?  That was the inside of the birch tree.

You can just pick up the bark, shake it out, and you have a big bark tube. 

I plan to use some of these as photo props, and maybe as vase covers for our house.

Speaking of making things for our house...something I rarely do is craft for myself.  Yesterday however I made myself a ring out of my tiny clump of lichens and a small birch ring.  It fits me perfectly in size and aesthetic.  I really love it.  I need to craft for myself more often.

Tomorrow is Easter and I hope everyone enjoys the day.  We'll be dyeing some more eggs today, and I'll be making some ricotta and sauce for the manicotti.  Mmm mm.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

aw, so glad you manage to squeeze a long walk in the woods, your eyes always see the bestest thing. Oh much I wish I could walk with you in your woods ... what fun that would be ! :)
and I'm even happier that you did craft for yourself. We should have a committment together, to craft something for ourselves, for our loved ones or home.
will email you later today. Have a great day today. Hope the kids are doing better, what a pain (literally !) oxoxo hugs, my friend

Kar said...

Love the birch bark! I miss taking walks in the woods up near Longville. Always so peaceful. Can't wait to get out and go hiking more around here. If it will ever stop snowing in the mountains. No complaints though. We need the snow there so eventually it will be in the reservoirs.

Have a wonderful Easter with the family!

jennlui said...

beautiful pictures! i hope your slow walk helped rejuvenate you a bit, nature's healing vibes are wonderful!

crafting for ourselves often takes the backseat, so hoping for you lots more of this! your lichen ring is divine!

wishing you and your family a special and magical easter!!!

Marchi Wierson said...

I really love the ring. I made a bracelet out of bamboo twigs I found on a walk a couple of days ago.

Margie Oomen said...

i love visiting the woods often this time of year because it goes from brown to completely green very rapidly.
That ring is better than all the diamonds in the world.
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Mona said...

Wonderful pictures - must be so good to be living in the woods!
I never really said »hello« for real.(Hello :) I'm so happy to have found your blog - it's an abundance of beauty and so very inspirational. I'm glad to see you've visited my blog as well!

And concerning crafting for ourselves, yes, we ought to do that more often. That ring of yours are priceless! So darn pretty!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Sonia - yes! I think a commitment to make something for ourselves would be great. I have so many projects I'd like to do, just for us. Let's do it!

Kar- I hope you get out walking soon.

jennlui - I agree, I knew that walking in the woods would lift my spirits and I truly believe that helps me heal faster.

Marchi - the bracelet is wonderful!

Margie - doesn't it? I'll blink and the woods will have gone from brown to green.

Mona - Hello! Thank you so much for stopping in. :)

Bricolente said...

I'm speechless, nature is giant.
Merci pour les photos, elles sont très belles.


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