Friday, April 23, 2010

A Sunny Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, and ma nature was kind enough to give us some beauuuuutiful weather to enjoy.  The buds are opening on the flowering plums we brought in from the woods, and plant life is starting to come to life everywhere.

The kids and I did a planting project yesterday.  The crock for my crockpot cracked all the way through and since it's no longer safe for cooking in, we decided to use it as a planter.  We filled the bottom with rocks, then dirt . (please note that this scene of brotherly cooperation was the only one allll day yesterday)

We dug up a clump of chives (which the boys call "hot grass") that had been growing in the hard-packed clay/sand mixture that is my yard,and planted it in our crock.  I plan to keep this outside my kitchen door, knowing that if they're nice and close I'll use them in cooking more often. 

I've been making garden markers from birch and twigs, and added one to the pot.

We also checked on our hen and chicks, which has spread considerably.  Lots of little babies all over.  It always amazes me that it can survive our Minnesota winters and thrive.

We watched our actual hens and chicks for a while too.

And ended up with a baby in the chicken pen.  (clever girl lifted the edge and climbed in when momma wasn't looking)

We were busy little bees.

I also had a little time yesterday to put some new brooches in the shop.  I've been cutting birch discs for my birch ring brooches, and used the inner wood piece on these new brooches.  I've applied a thin layer of birch bark to them and drilled holes, mimicking the woodpecker holes I've been admiring lately. 

I wanted to see how this design would hold up, so I threw one in the washer.  I'm happy to report that it's been through 5 loads now and it looks unchanged.  It makes me think about making them into buttons...

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy!


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

oh boy, you were obviously very busy yesterday ! what fun ! (ok, not for the boys not cooperating, I was home alone with mine yesterday so I feel for you)
you made some aweomse & breathtaking captures, wow.
wishing you a great Friday, we're off (in a couple of hours) to my parents', till tomorrow evening. (I'm reachable through Etsy when I'm there, just in case)
many hugs xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Do siblings co-operate - my two don't (very often!)...

I adore the chick - chickens are so inquisitive by nature and this chick is full of it.

Birch buttons would be awesome... They'd look great on a winter coat in place of toggles for example.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

wow what a lovely day.. thanks for sharing it...

Laura said...

I love that first picture - the way you captured the light shining through the blossoms is amazing!

Love, love, love the birch bark plant markers!

Unknown said...

beautiful blog ... the chickens are too cute! We have 3 silly old hens, they often make me smile.

Scrapiana said...

Birch buttons would indeed be amazing! Love your boys' name for chives Did you know that chives really like coffee grounds? Acts as a feed, and the acid doesn't bother them as it might other plants.


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