Sunday, October 03, 2010

Checking In On The Acorn Rainbow - October 2010


It has been over a year since I offered up a little acorn rainbow to mother nature.  I wanted to see how time and the elements would change my little wool creations, and over the past year they have in fact changed. 

Some have changed color, some have been chewed on, all have been displaced from their original mossy stump, and some have been hauled off altogether.

The orange seems to have been a snack of sorts for some little rodent.  I could see the scrape marks from two tiny front teeth in the wool and cap. 

The red is just a little dirty with a touch of mildew but overall, pretty much looks the same.

The blue is the only one that I've seen change color at all, and it too has tiny chew marks in it.

For being out in the Minnesota weather and laying in the dirt for over a year, I'm really surprised at how well these have held up.

To celebrate the one year mark, I decided to move them from under the leaf litter back up to the top of the mossy stump again.  I'm curious to see if they'll be hauled off again.  Maybe they'll be some squirrel's decoration for Thanksgiving...  I'll check back next spring to see what remains.

'til then, little acorns.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

awww thank you so much for keeping us posted about the rainbow acorns ! how adorable (I know, I'm silly) that some of them were chewed on, I picture a little mammal grabbing it & trying to snack on it LOL
I bet some animals in your forest have a very well decorated home !! :D xoxo

Marilyn said...

maybe they'll get together and string them across the branches for Christmas and the lightning bugs ...oh there will be no LB at christmas....never's interesting to see the nibbles...wonder what they thought??

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

It's been so interesting watching these little acorns' lives in the forest. Apparently felt doesn't make a very good snack...

Regina Moore said...

What a great experiment! I like the weathered look of the interesting! Now you need to install a motion-detecting "game" camera in the woods to see what animals are the nibblers! :-)

dziurka said...


Margie Oomen said...

very cool
it has been a while since i checked in on my nature installation but last time I did one of the pieces was completely buried by bark and leaves.


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