Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Land Art With The Wee Ones

A quick thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday's post.  Your comments really made my day.

The boys and I played in the leaves this wandery weekend and tinkered with a little land art.  While the leaves on our trees have mostly fallen or turned brown, color still abounds closer to the forest floor.  The raspberry bushes have remarkable colors right now so we decided to grab an armful of them and explore.

We arranged our leaves in a gradient of color, running from red to green, along a large downed pine.  There were many tiny thorns to deal with so momma got this job.  The boys placed stones where each leaf overlapped.

After dinner the wind had died down a bit so we went back out to remove the stones and free the leaves to change with the forces of nature.

Oh look, here comes a force of nature now...



This was all that remained after hurricane E blew through.

  I guess she thought our work could be improved upon because after she cleared ours off, she began work on her own.  (she's opting for a more monochromatic arrangement)

Have you played in the leaves lately?


Regina Moore said...

Oh my! Hurricane E is absolutely adorable! Such a wonderful post...thanks!

Kar said...

Love how the boys put the leaves in the gradient pattern. And Hurricane E's creation is very nice. Hope you are having a great week. :)

k said...

great project for the family (including E's "alterations"). wonderful way to enjoy fall's colours.

NanaBeast said...

The diapered force of nature is a darn cute one! Thank you so much for sharing these times with us. I miss this stage of my own kids growing up and it really helps to jog memories of my own little forces of nature.

Margie Oomen said...

since when did mother nature hire a wingless cherub to help with the leaf blowing?

Lisa-Marie said...

Beautiful! It makes me hapy to see other people using nature in an expressive way!

I've been stringing leaves and conkers with the children I work with to make mobiles this week!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

What a wonderful way to spend some time. I really need to try to stop, slow down and do things like this more. After tomorrow afternoon, haha! This shop thing... Eating my time. But so worth it.

Hoping that Hurricane E doesn't strike the homestead today :)

Unknown said...

A wonderful way to spend the day! I love autumn so very much...adorable little one.


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