Monday, October 11, 2010


I gave myself a few days off this weekend.  I puttered.  Rather than working my way down a neatly prioritized to-do list (OK, that might be a stretch), I rambled, completing tasks and projects in a winding, rambling sort of way letting each task take me to the next.

This weekend I baked oatmeal cookies and pot roast.
I washed the winter blankets and let them dry on the line. 

I ironed my pile of birch bark. 

I gathered.

We sat around a campfire.
I sat in the cool of the morning and cut sticks next to a still smoldering campfire, breathing in the smell.
I soaked sticks for making a wreath.

I tended a garden.

I noticed the leaves on the Virginia Creeper, raspberry bushes, and wild roses having their turn at color now that our trees are mostly brown or leafless.

I gathered eggs.  (7 each day!  Yay chickens!)
I dyed lots of wool in earthy colors and made acorns with it because I wanted to.

I checked out the shriveled mushrooms and wondered when it would rain again.
I sent a gift to a friend.
I watched a movie with my husband.
I played with my kids.

I was wildly productive.

I enjoyed the sense of not being tied to "what needs to be done" and relished the freedom of doing what I wanted to do.  The feeling I had this weekend is one I need to allow myself more often.
I'm working on that one.

I also made a few things for myself this weekend, including a scarf made of recycled t-shirts and a bit of leather from a coat.  I had enough material to make two so I'm offering this one up to one of you sweet readers, if you would like it.

If you'd like it for your own, just leave me a comment here letting me know or send me an email at lilfishstudios(at)gmail(dot)com. 
I'll ship worldwide, and the winner will be drawn on Friday. 

Have a wonderful week everyone. 
(a winding, rambling sort of week, if you'd like)


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello my friend
nevermind if I'm the first & have less chance of being picked, I'm here for telling you how happy I am that you had this kind of days, because coincidentally, I had the same kind of days these days, after saying no to something that would have kept me (too) much busy & committed for the next six months (or over). (I'll blog about that today)
These days you had are really blissful, aren't they ? Free like a bird, no pressure, making things when you feel like making them is the best way in life, don't you think ? So many people are obliged to make thing when they're asked to, so I know & understand how liberating this freedom is.
The scarf is not only beautiful, but it is brilliant. So glad that you've made one for yourself only. It suits you so well. Yay for the dyeing, and yay for the eggs too !
wishing you a similar kind of week, my friend ! oxoxo much love

Sandi said...

Put my name in the hat for this beautiful scarf. I have never seen one quite like this one. It says Autumn so well. Go for you to enjoy yourself for a little while. We all need to this more often.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Regina Moore said...

Your weekend sounds like heaven on earth! What a special time...and you were so productive! Treasure times like these. (I spent Friday night in the Emergency Room with youngest...he broke his wrist during football practice). And, please put my name in the hat for the wonderful t-shirt scarf! It is lovely! Glad you found time to make something just for you. :-)

keri said...

oh, lisa...what a lovely post.
sometimes getting away from our to-do lists (however neatly prioritized they are or aren't =])
makes for the most wonderful times.
this post is the perfect example.

as for that scarf...please sign me up!
my goodness, the colors are perfect!
i adore your creativity!
thanks for this wonderful post to start the beginning of a new week.

A Deegan said...

wow. i wish i could be so productive in the absence of a list in the head or the hand. please tell us more about the ironed birch bark! and yes i would love a chance at the scarf too.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

What a smart sounds like you were rejuvinated for sure!

Love the scarf, too.

Tricia said...

amazing how much you accomplished with out pressure - being a Type A personality works against me all the time but I'm working on this. LOVE the scarf - getting ready to head to the coast to be with a friend - hoping I'll be able to wind down after too much stress for too long....put me in for the wonderful scarf.

Betz White said...

Sounds wonderful! Why is it so hard to just do what we want and not what we have to? BTW, I harvested a bunch of birch bark last summer in NH and have been wondering what to do with it. Ideas?

Would love to win that gorgeous scarf, thanks for the chance!

Amy said...

Wow. What a beautiful weekend in pictures. I'm hoping that you'll do a post later on how you made that gorgeous scarf. It's so very cool. I'd love to make some for solstice gifts.

Carlee McDot said...

That scarf is AMAZING! Of course ANYONE would be lucky to get it, I just hope it is me that is the lucky one this week :)

Unknown said...

A Very Productive Putter...

Love the scarf!! My colors!

towhee said...

What a great idea for a scarf. Love the leaf embroidery.

Jill Nault said...

What a great scarf! I love the colours! I have to tell you that because of your blog I notice the mushrooms around me more and that is awesome! Thanks :)

metrochic said...

i don't know that i've ever commented on your blog before but i am always reading and looking and flickr-aweing. ;) i am in absolute love with that scarf! you are just too much muchness. <3

Heather A said...

What a fabulously cool scarf! I LOVE IT! As always, I admire your colour sense. I do so enjoy visiting your blog.

Kar said...

It sounds like you were very productive even though you didn't follow a list. Good for you for breaking the "rules". :)

Kim van Waardenburg said...

Dear Lisa,
It is good to have days without plans! Feels so much better then days filled with things that MUST be done:( I also try to live more how life comes. gives me a special feelign of freedom.

I really hhope you will enjoy such days more often!!!
Oh and the scarf is perfect well done!!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

You had the perfect sort of weekend : relaxing, fun and productive. Not very often we have those, unfortunately. You know how I love your little acorns, these ones are so lovely. The scarf you made is beautiful. I love the leather accent, it's perfect. Definitely add my name to the pile, friend :)

Margie Oomen said...

love your sense of balance and creativity lisa
and all I can say about the giveaway is that is sonia wins i am definitely getting her to buy me a lottery ticket:)

Annie said...

I love that scarf. I've seen similar things around and have thought about making one myself, and I just love the colors you have chosen and the leather cuff you added, such a perfect touch to keep it together.

Your photos makes me wish I could spend a day puttering around with you :)

mayaluna said...

what an inspiring weekend! I love how you let your creativity and desires unfold. The scarf is beautiful and seems to hold some of that lovely freeing energy within. I'd be thrilled to wear it, so please put my name in the hat... crossing my fingers and toes.xo

Patricia said...

Sweet Lisa, you deserve that kind of weekend! And it clearly renewed something inside you that needed a boost. I love the scarf you made. Thanks as always for the inspiration! (It's funny how much further advanced your fall is. We are just starting to see the first of the leaves change here in MD.)

Vintage Tracy said...

I am amazed by your ability to be so productive and pack so much enjoyment into your weekends. Doesn't that feel good? It's nice to enjoy this unusually nice weather we've been having, too, isn't it? Will you post instructions for the scarf? It turned out really nice!

k said...

sounds like a wonderful way to let go and enjoy the weekend. some people may not understand when you do crafty things for a living, things you enjoy, that you still sometimes need time to step away or another creative outlet altogether. glad you had fun!

Maya in Eugene said...

Great scarf! love the design. Thanks for another inspiring post... I too cherish the productive, yet rambling days. I love making a neat color-coded to-do list almost as much as I adore trashing my lists!

aklatina said...

Love that scarf! what interesting colors! its hard too find unique winter items anymore!

Mama Llama said...

What a pretty scarf! I love the colors, so perfect for autumn.

Just in case I'm not the lucky winner, could you tell me if you used a tutorial? I've been admiring similar scarves on Etsy and this might just inspire me to make my own.

Deanna Pavay said...

Hello sweetie! I don't know how you made your recycled scarf (and I don't want to know - it would take the mystique away!) but it's beautiful. But really I just wanted to say how much I always enjoy your photos and the way you appreciate nature in what you do every day and how you craft. I'm so glad you've been out enjoying the outdoors cuz I know you are one BUSY MAMMA! Hope we see more of these scarves - would make great gifts so I hope they appear in your store.


bb said...

Beautiful scarf! Beautiful colors! Beautiful backdrop!

I so enjoyed your post with all the beautiful leaves lined up on the gray fallen tree. My daughter is a senior art student (bethel) and just wove leaves into the bark of a tree for a sculpture project....a bit Andy Goldsworthyish inspired. She will really love your tree.

I stumbled upon your blog through the mn artists site and am so glad I did and I will be back!!!


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