Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rainy Wishes

It must be my fault.  I wished it would rain last week so I could see some mushrooms before the snow came and now it's been raining for days.  We may see snow later this week so I think I'd better head out to the woods in my rain gear if I want to see any fungus.

I've been busy with life stuff around here; kids, school, home, and haven't had much time to craft or explore but I hope to be back soon with something interesting to share.

'Til then, friends.


t does wool said...

enjoy your search Lisa...rain here as well~~

Kar said...

Have fun with the mushroom hunt. It's been raining here since Sunday. The mountains already have snow. Luckily we are still clear down in the valley.

Unknown said...

We got snow up in the Cascades yesterday.... and not just the tippy top... Heard we're having quite a snowy year here in WA.

Happy foraging!

Karen Larko said...

It's been raining here as well and we may get a little snow on Friday. Can't wait to see what you found on your walk.

kristin said...

oh!!! so it's YOUR fault!! ;)

i went to our cabin (not far from where you are)last weekend to rake the leaves off the grass and while friday was GORGEOUS...it poured the rest of the time...i've never had to rake leaves in the rain before, but i learned quickly how heavy they can become.

i wish you luck on the mushroom hunt!

Colleen said...

Did you specify where you wanted the rain? Been raining for days here. I'm hoping that tomorrow's weather forecast is accurate, I really need to plant my iris, lily, and daffodil bulbs!

I hope you find some fungus if you venture out in the weather.

Margie Oomen said...

one really does have to watch what they wish for

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

We got your rain yesterday. It turned into a huge crazy storm! It was definitely weakening by the time it got to me, though. I was, admittedly, a bit disappointed. I love storms and was really excited, but it was just rain and wind. I hope you find some really great mushrooms! Are there any edible ones this time of year?


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