Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art Hounds on MPR

There's a feature on Minnesota Public Radio called Art Hounds that highlights what's going on in our local art scene.  You can share events and exhibits that are going on around you, and this week I shared with the MPR listeners a short film fest being held here in Brainerd called EgoFest.   I did a brief phone interview and you can hear my awkward self right here (I'm the second speaker):

I was so nervous, even though the interviewer was extremely nice (and patient),  that my cheeks were red for about an hour after the interview.  Egads.

If you're in the area, do stop by and enjoy some film.  Hubby and I have a date night to check out Friday's events, and since we average one date night a year so yeah, I'm doubly excited.  I think it will be really interesting to see the films and be able to then hear from the filmmakers themselves, hang with my husband, and meet some of the amazing folks behind the movies.

Learn more about EgoFest here:


Anonymous said...

You didn't sound nervous at all. Sounds like interesting flicks happening there. I got to see a similar evening of short films at a local college here and speak with the filmakers afterwards, it was just fascinating. Enjoy your date night. I think my last one was a home depot date night, sooo exciting. xox Corrine

julochka said...

i think i hear some echoes of chicago in there. :-) you sounded fine and we couldn't tell at all that your face was red. :-) but how cool is that art hound program! it's a great idea.

and i hate to say it, but there is that one rather, ahem, famous movie set in brainerd...tho' sadly brainerd didn't get credit when it was named. :-)

Margie Oomen said...

you sound amazing!!!
you voice suits your persona perfectly.

joanie said...

Just how i imagined you sounding! You did so well too, not sounding nervous at all.
So fun hearing you :)
Happy weekend,

Bethany said...

I'm from the Twin Cities, but living in Oregon, and was listening to MPR's stream the other day-imagine my surprise when I recognized the name of a blog I visit regularly (but have never commented on before.) I was so excited. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks so much, ladies!

Bethany - now that is a small world kind of moment! :D

Nanou said...

How wonderful to hear your sweet voice, Lisa ! (though I don't understand well "English spoken")
It's so fun to be so far away and to hear you from over the ocean !


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