Friday, March 11, 2011

On Small Things

I woke up to read about the earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan.  I can't imagine the horror so many people are facing, and part of me is glad I can't imagine it.  I'm thankful to be safe, warm, fed, and healthy this morning, and thinking of those the world over, that aren't.  

And truly, that thought is overwhelming. 

When a task or idea is too large I find it easier to break it down in parts, don't you?  I try to do small things each day to benefit my family, friends, myself, and the earth.  I usually focus on what I can do on a local level, which is just my choice.  I feel I can make the most impact that way.  My "small thing" can be someone else's "big thing", you know?  Today I feel like I need to do more than usual, to help ease my own soul.  I'm not sure what that will be yet, but I'll update this post at the end of the day with what I came up with.

Hoping all of you and yours are safe and happy today.


Tonight's Update:
Today's "small things" were very much like any other day, none were spectacular world-changing events, but the idea of helping was in the front of my mind all day.  This morning I made a donation to our local chapter of the American Red Cross.  I wrote a long-overdue letter to my grandma.  I picked up some scattered garbage when I dropped off the recycling at the recycling center.  I donated some pieces to a good cause.  I painted with my creatively-inclined 4 year old.  I told my family that I love them.  I made them pizza because it's Friday and they love Friday pizza night.  Tonight we'll turn out the lights and watch a movie and be thankful we're safe and happy.  We'll talk about how "small things" can help others and ourselves live better lives.  I'll tell my kids that I believe they can change the world, and I'll tell them that it will take lots and lots of small things to get there, and I'll continue to challenge myself to set the example for them.

It's not nearly enough, but that's all I can do right now. 


Karen Larko said...

Lisa, you are such a good person. I am glad to have you as my friend.

prpltrtl946 said...

I second that are a good, kind and caring person. I am glad to have wandered onto your blog!

Maybe a bunch of people will be tempted into random acts of kindness today, thanks to this blog post! 8*)

Scrapiana said...

It is indeed overwhelming, almost paralysing, news. Your small actions will lead to big ones, I have no doubt.

Tumus said...

Aside from my computer acting up again, I'm hope the RedCross will open up a donation line soon for Japan's victims. And some good things to remember out of this all:

- Japan is a very robust and determined country, with people who are very much the same.

- Their government is much more prepared to deal with these disasters than many other countries and their response time proves that.

- By thinking about them and being aware of what's happened, you're already doing alot more than thousands of others who will read this news today.

Tara said...

Sometimes it is the small things that mean the most.

Tara said...

Lisa, after I left my comment, I went to the sink to do dishes. I kept thinking about your post, about the small things individuals can do. I believe in the small things. it disturbs me when some scientists say the small things don't make a difference, that only global changes can make a difference. It's just such a demoralizing statement to throw out into the universe. then I started thinking about the atom and the protons, neutrons and electrons that make up each atom. Each atom taken on its own is just an atom. Many, many atoms together make a tree.

Marilyn said...

your are a kind and caring person and whatever it is you will be good. I hope the sun shines this weekend and you feel its warmth...enough is enough!!!

Tricia said...

I too think it is devastating and almost wish I had not watched some of the videos someone sent me - to realize theses aren't enhanced action movie scenes - when the building crumbled like toys under the pressure of the water - there are people in them. It is heart breaking but you are right - we can be determined to be aware of doing the little things that can help and if enough people do little things - they become big things. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Some time ago I was feeling especially overwhelmed and hopeless regarding the state of the world and sought out a wise old friend for counsel. She convinced me of the paramount importance of doing the very best I can to love and serve those in my little sphere of influence each day - thank you for sharing your day with me; you affirm this wisdom. Blessings, sus

joanie said...

Such a lovely post LIsa. You're a wonderful mama and really inspiring for us all.

Lisa-Marie said...

You are a very thoughtful person Lisa.

I struggle with this too. I donated money to Red Cross, but still feel I'm not doing much, and not nearly enough.

The reality of life is that even when enormously bad things happen, smaller things can impact on those we love hugely, so we have to just spread the net as wide as we are comfortable with, and help those people. :)


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