Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giraffe Wood

I've finished up a few of the "giraffe wood" vases, which I believe is Acacia wood (thanks Bonkers, for the tip!).  I'm in love with this wood and a little sad that Mr. Giraffe was kind of small.  You can bet I'll be watching for his relatives at yard sales this year.  Anyway, the grain on this wood is beautiful, the color is nice and warm, and it finishes silky smooth.  Really wonderful stuff.

I've made a few vases from it already.  I cut this one so the shape would follow the contours of the grain, in sort of a raindrop shape.

This one I cut so you can see the grain as lines across the piece.  Stripey.

Both of these are in my big cartel shop (the 'shop' tab at the top of blog) at the introductory price until tomorrow, at which point they will move to my Etsy shop at regular price.

I hate to say it out loud for fear of jinxing it, but I think spring may be on its way.  As proof, my hens started laying again this week and are giving us 7-9 eggs a day, yay girls!, the sun has been shining more, and we're entering this season:

Ah yes, the season of mud begins.  Let's just hope the season of "flood" gives us a break this year.
It's not all bad though, because making rivers in the mud is great fun.

Happy Thursday, everyone.


lynn bowes said...

I'm keeping an eye out for small blocks of wood shapes, too, now that you've got my interest piqued in all of this lovely work! Dying for some flowers so I can actually USE my double vase :: xo

Marilyn said...

happy someone else got back to you on the type of tree....I forgot to come back and ID it :o ...also remember them as thorn trees...whatever it makes lovely little vessels in your hands...wish I still had all my african wooden pieces...I'd send them on!!!

Anonymous said...

Snow on the way here, but my ducks have laid an egg or two as well. Spring is here, just a cold one. Beautiful giraffe wood pieces. xox Corrine

This is My Life said...

The wood turned out so pretty. I have a love and hate for mud season. There is nothing like your feet being able to touch the soil when the snow first melts, but your wash loads go up for sure.

Unknown said...

Lisa, I will be on the look-out for sacrificial animals for you. The season of rummage sales is beginning here. best, sus

Karen Lee said...

Termites have nuttin' on you! Watch out bed frames, furniture, doors, and even your wooden bowls!!
Oh nooooo........

But these are so much prettier than doors.

Tumus said...

You have such a tolerant spirit when it comes to clothing and mud ^_~ (and probably a good washing machine)

Scrapiana said...

Gosh, you have a long wait for spring! We've been complaining about how late ours is this year, but Boy! you have it so much harder. The blossom is confetti-ing off the cherry trees over here, and tulips are even in flower now.

Giraffe wood is a triumph! I'm almost tempted to box up oddments and send them over to see what you do with them, but that really would be insane.

Enjoy spring when she finally reveals herself properly!

Nanou said...

I'll see giraffes a very different way, now !!! :)
What kind of secret magic wand do you hide in your poplar and pine wonderland, Lisa ? :)

Margie Oomen said...

these are just magical
each and every one
i love how you cut the wood in different ways to bring out that magical grain too.

kristin said...

the story behind "giraffe wood" is hysterical!!

these are all gorgeous...your hands must be complety raw by now.

i happen to have a few ebony sculptures randomly stuck away in a box somewhere that might enjoy a new life...any interest in trying out this wood?


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