Friday, March 04, 2011

Purple Turtles

I've been including a little vintage button flower when sending off packages of buttons purchased from my destash shop.  They're just simple stacks with some wool leaves, wound up on wire with a curved stem that can slip in a button hole and act as a brooch or it can hang over the edge of a flower pot, pencil cup, etc.

One of my sweet customers mentioned that she likes purple turtles so I just had to make a little surprise for her package.

I've carved up a mother of pearl button that had chipped along one side (I never throw those away because I like carving them) into a vague turtle shape with my dremel tool and a diamond bit.  I carved with the button under running water. When I was done, I gave him a purple button shell and plunked him down on a wool lily pad.  Silly but fun. 

Have a great weekend everybody.  (silly and fun too, if you can swing it)


Amanda Pedro said...

wow! you actually carved it? Cool!
And I'm proud to say that I have one of those little button flowers. yeah.

Dawn S. said...

The turtle is adorable! You are a very talented woman!

lynn bowes said...

That is just the sweetest little thing! I think you're ready to graduate to lapidary, my buddy :: lynn

Marilyn said...

they are sweet and so pretty and as Dawn S says, you are a very talented woman. wonder what they'd look like as book marks!

Karen Larko said...

That turtle is just darling! You are amazing!

joanie said...

You clever, clever girl.
I think I need a real dremel, mine is a cheapo very shaky one that makes my hands (more) numb.
I like his little eyes.

Lisa-Marie said...

That is a gorgeous turtle, and you are a very sweet person!

prpltrtl946 said...

I am the lucky owner of that purple turtle and I am even MORE in love with her than I was before!!!

I thought you said something about having a white turtle, so never imagined that you CARVED her!!
She certainly deserves the name I gave her as soon as I saw her...Lisa!!

I can't thank you enough!!
Melissa 8*)

Scrapiana said...

How delightful! When I first saw that little turtle, I thought he was cut from paper.

How is that you're not scared of any of the hand-ripping crafts, Lisa? Yet with such delicate results. I love the idea of you rescuing chipped MOPs - in fact, it's blown my mind.

Have a good weekend!

NanaBeast said...

Lisa, I love it when you have fun - look what comes of it! More FUN and silly for Lisa!

dziurka said...


Unknown said...

So thoughtful, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Carving buttons...I managed to drill a hole in beach glass with my diamond bit, I think I can carve buttons. Such a sweet thing to do.

Tara said...

Seriously? you carved that?! I thought you were talking about the purple shell which I thought was impressive itself but then I realized you carved the turtle itself. It's beautiful and I have a feeling your customer loved it.


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