Thursday, May 03, 2012

a few minutes in nature

It's been a very full week.  In need of a little peace, I wandered out for a few minutes to see what I could see.

I saw leaves unfurling

and bark curling.

Mushrooms with brains

and mushrooms with mold.

Perfect miniature maple leaves

and blossoms abandoned by their petals.

Curls and lichens

and lichens and ruffles.

And that vine with the strange leaves that gets little orange-ish berries in the center.  (Does anyone know what this plant is?)

The rest of the week (month perhaps) will be as full but I always feel restored after a little wander in nature.  You?


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

wonderful, each & every photo !
the last photo looks like a (wild) honeysuckle, but I could be wrong.

Jill said...

I think I need a little walk myself! At least I could go along with you in your photos. I'm not sure what the vine is. Have you tried drying the berries?

Cheryl @ handcraftedtravellers said...

Beautiful photos, nice to see something besides sun today! ;)

Unknown said...

Absolutely! Nature as the Great Physician, I think. xxxoo, sus

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Always. I've been trying to get out for a little walk all day, but failing, so will settle for being cheered by sharing your look at nature :D

Oltreverso said...

Mi piace sempre il tuo sguardo sul mondo

Stephane in Alaska said...

I second the wild honeysuckle suggestion. Google lonicera ciliosa and see what you think about the similarities. . . : )

Marion said...

I love your site. Such interesting posts, beautiful crafting and so connected to the natural world. Thank you for the pleasure you give

Swannie said...

I wish I could have joined you on your walk. Nature is where I go to restore and soothe my soul. I also believe the plant to be a honeysuckle...a very sweet vine.

Lisa said...

I love your walk, it looks like my backyard.

Rosangela Brino said...

Love your pictures! big hug

Studio Paars said...

Lovely pictures!

Another vote for Lonicera Ciliosa (Orange Honeysuckle). I recognised the leaves, since I have it in my front garden. Haven't seen any berries in it, but then I've only had it for a year or so. The flowers are bright pinkish-orange.
Funny how it is a wild plant where you live, but here it is a cultivated garden plant :)

I wish I could escape to 'wild' nature easily, but I do find a lot of peace and joy in my own garden wheneven I'm stressed out.

Oh and by the way, I love your blog :D

Cheers, Audrey

Anonymous said...

Check out this page, it is a photo of Lonicera ciliosa in berry. Meaning it is fruiting in berry form.

Hope what is keeping you busy is of good nature. Your walk is a breath of fresh air after a stuffy week, it was very busy for my family as well.
Hope you can slow down for the week end and enjoy your little joys.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Yes! You clever souls, that does appear to be a honeysuckle. I've never noticed the flowers, just the berries. I've found it in several different places so far, twining up little shrubs and hiding by stumps. I'll have to watch it more closely to see if I can see those flowers. Thank you for your help!

Rachel Wolf said...

Hi Lisa! I just happened upon your blog tonight (thanks to Pinterest) and had to say hello. Your work is beautiful and your photographs are captivating. Glad I found you! (I'm in Viroqua, WI so we're nearly neighbors. In a global sense anyway).

All the best,


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