Thursday, May 10, 2012

free apple brooch tutorial - appreciate those teachers

Lark is offering my tutorial for making this sweet apple brooch FREE on their site in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.  Stop on by and download the pdf tutorial.  It's easy enough for older kids to work up with just a little help and makes a nice gift for teachers and apple farmers alike.  This is one of the projects in the book Heart-Felt: Holidays, a sweet little book I'm thrilled to have been part of.

and because this subject always makes me a little soap-boxy...

On the subject of's my wish that someday we would appreciate and compensate our teachers in the way we do our professional athletes.  It seems so backwards to me that we pay millions of dollars, millions!!, to those undeniably talented men and women who excel at their sport, to entertain us while the people who you know, only educate our future generations... are paid modestly (in most cases).

Imagine for a moment the possibilities our world could realize if education were king and entertainment was well, entertainment.  Imagine.

Thank you, teachers for all you do!


Anonymous said...

*sigh*.....I hear ya. My DD wants to be a teacher and unfortunately, it is always one of those careers that media outlets consistently put down as one of the lowest paying careers, along with social workers and artists.

ellen said...

It truly is such a sweet and cheerful brooch.
Having spent many years as a teacher, I appreciate your words and thoughts.
I didn't make a lot of money, but I wouldn't trade those years for anything!

Katerina said...

I do not comment often at blogs, but your post is really great and unfotunately so true. I would add singers and movie stars in the same, hugely overpaid, category with sportsmen too. The teachers would deserve better. They belong to worst paid category in the Czech Republic together with nurses.

Anonymous said...

But... the eyes on you with a hunger that burns to know it all... that is amazing. They dont make teachers like they use to .. but students arent the same which changed first the teachers or students I dont know. But it still happens where teacher and some students are amazing.. my kindergartner and his teacher is amazing he wants to know why how where and when to everything and she keeps pumping in the info, it is purely beautiful. The children love her so and she is the sweetest woman i know... she is 72 and refuses to retire saying as long as there are ears eyes and she can still hear speak and see she has a calling. She has knowledge that only comes from a full and amazing life. I am blessed that my son has this start to the beginning of his school.
So here is a call out to Mrs. Gretchen Hartmann.

kristin said...

go ahead an get all soap-boxy on us. championing for the teachers is always high on my list!! xx

Michelle said...

Lovely brooch!

prpltrtl946 said...

Well Said!! 8*)


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