Sunday, May 20, 2012

a wet pant legs kind of woods-wander

I love a rainy Sunday morning.  Especially when I can sneak off to the woods for a little quiet time.

Nibble on some columbine.

Smile each time I find more bedstraw. (you'll see why in a few days)

Marvel at the carpet of trilliums beneath the trees, knowing they'll soon be gone for the season.

Squeal at the tiniest red mushroom in the moss.

Wonder at the bellwort with their twisted beauty.

Stretch with the worms.

Get lost in a forest of sporophytes.

Finally see some of those plants in flower that I've been wondering about.


Wild Geranium

Bring home a little appetizer for dinner time.

Anticipate tea in my future (wild sarsaparilla),

and grains (culry dock seeds).

Think about the abundance of "weeds" we're so lucky to have here.(absinth wormwood, I think)

And think about how useful this haphazard yard of ours is.(mullein)

Catch the aroma of chokecherry blossoms.

Spot the beginnings of plums on the little trees we brought in from the woods.

And revisit the photos of my walk over a hot cuppa and a rhubarb shortbread bar.  (recipe here) (mine are orange because my girls' egg color overpowered the rhubarb) (lastly, oh so tasty)

Have a wonderful end to the weekend, all.


Dreaming Woods said...

you have such amazing wild flowers growing in the woods. i dream to have Trillium's in my garden, they are such a beauties!

those flowers you where wondering about, we call the metsätähti here in Finland, which is translated woodland star in English... such a lovely name for a beautiful flower.

Chiska said...

Oh thank you for sharing your wander in the rain! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see all your pictures.

Lisa said...

oh that was just lovely - and educational...I would love to get my pant legs wet and walk through the woods with you. thanks for that, I think those are my favourite posts!

Margie Oomen said...

nothing but heat and sunshine over here but really enjoyed your refreshing photographs.
have you every tried the wormwood?

k said...

that looks like a wonderful exploration of your woods, wet pants and all.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

such a wonderful diversity in your woods
I hope one day I'll be able to walk in them with you

Anonymous said...

what an amazingly inspiring and touching post. I love your blog!
Dana :)


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