Wednesday, May 23, 2012

jelly beans and false morels

On the way to feed the chickens this morning I saw a Chipping Sparrow's nest with little speckled blue eggs, no bigger than jelly beans.

I saw momma sparrow too, but only for a second.  I dare not linger too long, lest her eggs get too cool.

I saw that the Pineapple Weed is starting to grow.  Soon the wee ones and I will be picking.  I'd like to dry much more this year for tea since last year's "lemonade" was so tasty.

I saw a couple of False Morels but never the tasty true morels here.  Though I've read it can be done if properly prepared, the false morel is not one I'll try to eat.  Rocket fuel, anyone?

I also saw a big Cecropia moth but he fluttered off before I could fetch my camera.

After a sleepless night, I'm fluttering a little today too.  Another cup of coffee and let the day begin.

Happy halfway day, all.


Heather M. said...

What a lovely little nest. I hope they all hatch and fledge. I'm feeling the same way today. Kinda slow. I got out of bed late today. There was a cat sleeping on me and, naturally, I couldn't get up while he was doing so, and therefore slept longer than I had intended. Now he's back in bed and I have to make myself get going. Another cup of tea and let the day begin.

joanie said...

Those eggs are such beauties! Amazing colour and lovely nest too. I have a next picture today too, it's that fun time of year again.
Glad to see you making again too. Hope you get better sleep tonight!

joanie said...

Meant to say "nest" - about the 15th time I typed "next" today. Oh dear, I need sleep too.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

What a wonderful peak at that nest, such a lovely coloured egg. You seem to know all the names of the plants etc and what to do with them. I would poison us for sure I think. Thanks for the little peak :)

ellen said...

Such a sweet nest and those eggs are darling.
I have never had Pineapple Weed. It sounds intriguing.
Mushrooms, the good ones, should be sprouting up soon, tho. I leave the gathering to my brother in law. I could easily render us a memory if I did it.
Happy mid week.

Valerianna said...

I've had luna moths this week here... and often I get polyphemus, never ceropia - or Morels for that matter!!
Wonderful nature gifts.

Margie Oomen said...

your forest really loves to reward you
and why not?

Jacqui Wise said...

What a beautiful colour those eggs are.


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