Tuesday, July 16, 2013

shop update soon

Another stone completed in my hand.  This one with trapped pebbles too, a reflection on holding pieces close that make you whole.  Nature does that for me, makes me feel whole, (other things too of course, the love of my family, laughter, and more) and when I'm too far from it I find I pull things to me in an effort to duplicate that wholeness that may not fit as well.

This stone, along with the brooches and stone I showed you in my last post (and maybe another) will be in my shop on Thursday morning at 8am central daylight time. (I'm the same time zone as Chicago if you need to calculate for your area)  I'll be putting the listings up for preview soon so you can have a look before they go "live".

Wishing you all a lovely, and whole, day.



Mona said...

Love this! Especially the thoughts behind!Nature does that for me too :)

Szera said...

Beautiful! :)

prpltrtl946 said...

drool 8*)

Anonymous said...

This series is too wonderful! I love the added small stones. I just hopped over to your shop and love your descriptions of them too - fantastic!

J xo

We'll blow you a kiss as we fly over next week :)


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