Tuesday, July 30, 2013

supplies in the shop for a limited time

If you've ever wanted to try needle-felting, you can now get a sampler of wool and needles in my shop for a limited time.

When I first started needle-felting I used whatever kind of wool I could get my hands on.  As I progressed I realized that some of those wools just weren't cutting it.  After much trial and error I found a wool that I love- it felts quickly, forms a solid core, and has a nice surface texture.  It's the only wool I use for needle-felting.

 The fact that it's a rambouillet grown right here in Minnesota is the cherry on top.  I've hand-dyed it using Greener Shades dyes which are free of heavy metals, making them a more environmentally conscious option than most commercial dyes.

I have just a couple of samplers in my shop right now along with sets of felting needles to get you started.
Interested in becoming addicted  exploring a new hobby?  Have a look in my shop.


prpltrtl946 said...

I wasn't going to do needle felting because of my carpal tunnel, but you are so inspiring!! 8*)

I'm thinking carved wood landscapes with wool accents... Yeee ha!! 8*)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

What? Not turtles? :)

Glo said...

What would be the first project you would recommend to a complete felting novice? I think this would make a great blog post! (hint, hint...:-)


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