Tuesday, July 02, 2013

something new on the workbench

For the past several weeks I've been sharing my workroom with the incubator.  Yesterday as I was sewing I heard the faintest little peeps coming from the guinea eggs, telling me that hatch time was near.

 Yesterday afternoon two had pipped through their shells (meaning they had poked a hole but hadn't full hatched yet) and this morning they were out and wobbling around the incubator, knocking into the other eggs.  We call that "bowling for brothers".

After I took these photos a third hatched out and I am counting 4 more that have pipped.  We'd be thrilled with 7 new guineas in the flock so we're really hoping all these little guys (and more, hopefully) make it.  We lost our only male guinea just this past week, probably to the coyote we've had visiting, and we rely on them for tick-control.

Hopefully I'll have some fluffy chick pics for you tomorrow.
Cross your fingers for us!


Valerianna said...

Good luck!!

La Alicia said...

adorable! I love the phrase "bowling for brothers" -- tooc ute!

lynn bowes said...

Cannot look at new chicks without thinking of a trip we took to the Museum of Science and Industry before we were married. They have a big dome full of eggs and chicks in various stages of chick-dom. One had just hatched and just her fuzzy head was poking out and Ed said (so lovingly), "Look! That one has your hairdo!"

And I married him anyway.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Cute little peeps, shall look forward to the update! :)

June Caedmon said...

So sweet! We had guineas on the farm growing up. Looking forward to the fluffy chick pics!


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