Wednesday, July 31, 2013

sometimes I like my to-do list

Today I will:

stitch on some stones
mail some packages
pick the basil and freeze it
eat some zucchini (is there no end??)
find lots of things for these wild children to do, since they have so much energy
check on those red raspberries growing by the garden
think about writing some needle-felting tutorials (any requests?)
think about packing for my trip but put it off until the last moment
gather the yarrow and mullein and hang them to dry
have a look at my red amaranth to see if it's ready for harvest (dye stuff!)
hang some laundry
not be overwhelmed by all the things that will be left undone
be thankful that "write cost/benefit analysis" is not on my list
hug my duck
cook dinner with my family
adapt as new chores land on my plate

What's pressing on your to-do list today?


Caitlin said...

Why is "hug a duck" not at the top of your to-do list? :)

June Caedmon said...

I agree with Caitlin, hug the duck (and eat zucchini) would be tops for me! On my to do, finish Pegasus.


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