Monday, June 18, 2012

from the weekend

With the rain we've been getting, the mushrooms are starting to pop. (click on the photos to see these closer) I haven't noticed any edibles, but I was super excited to spot this stinkhorn in my garden.  It will emit a stinky slime that encourages flies and other insects to land on it.  When they fly off, they carry the mushrooms spores with it, spreading them in the process.  Sneaky little mushroom.

Awfully strange looking, isn't he?

The lilacs decided to give flowering another go, though rather half-heartedly as there are only a few of these tiny clusters of blooms.  That's okay though, I love the smell of lilacs and am happy to have even one more sniff of them.

Beneath the tall grass and invading raspberry brambles there were some beautiful lilies. 

My nasturtiums are trying to escape their fence.  Probably because we keep eating their friends.

The yarrow has come up everywhere this year.  It's such a useful and lovely little herb.  It can be dried and used as a medicinal tea or mascerated when fresh and used as first aid, like a styptic.

Daisies.  My favorite.  I pulled these from the roadside a year or two ago and planted them in my yard.

I'm not a big fan of spiders but I thought this guy was pretty cool hiding in the leaves.

The bees have been busy.

Check out the pollen on that guy's legs.

Today looks to be pretty grey so I'm glad I got a chance to capture some of these colors this weekend.

Have a good week, everyone.


Tumus said...

We've had such a lack of rain now that all of the flowers have been short lived...also with the unseasonably warm March we had it's like everything it's way ahead of itself.

I envy your lilac sniffings, they're so nice and calming.

Angel Funk said...

Oh my, I have never been excited to see a Stinkhorn. I get them in my raised beds sometimes, they are fascinating but completely disgusting too!

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Love the photos, your bees seem to be fairing better than ours here. We have a nest under the roof tiles (luckily not in the loft) and the poor bees are doing their best, but we've had so much rain, I keep finding dead ones, we need the bees for definite.

Glo said...

That stinkhorn should be rated XXX!!!

Alina S. Tarmu said...

You only eat the friends of Nasturtium? They themselves are yummy in salads! Great tangy goodness!


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