Monday, June 11, 2012

peony potential

The peonies are blooming, opening themselves up to the sky.  I like them in this phase, slightly restrained, all that energy welling up... on the verge of reaching their full potential.  Soon they'll be full and fragrant orbs bobbing in the breeze, but where they are right now is just as beautiful.

I hope your week is full of potential too.  Happy Monday.


lynn bowes said...

Just now??? Mine bloomed the end of April! I can't believe we are so far apart - for a number of reasons. Daylilies are starting to get a good start so I suppose you won't see those until kidlets are back in school.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Beautiful colours in there, the petals look like shavings, lovely photos. My peonies have been and gone too!

Els said...

What a gorgeous, almost sensuous lush flower !!!!!
Love peonies !

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Peonies are such special flowers, you managed to capture these so beautifully, my friend. There are so many layers, so much potential like you so brilliantly pointed out.
Thank you for sharing this beauty with us all !

joanie said...

They're stunning! I love that stage too, beautiful. Was a pretty variety that is. Something tells me everything blooms beautifully when you watch over them Lisa :)

Margie Oomen said...

i much prefer their fragrance to roses and their petals are so buttery soft. What is there not to love.

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos, Lisa - wish we had them here. xxoo, sus


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