Friday, June 22, 2012

no chanterelles, but no matter

A few days ago I went for a bit of a crawl through the woods in search of chanterelles.  I didn't find any, but of course had a good time anyway.  Anytime there are mushrooms to look at, I'm happy.(click on the photos to seem them close up)

This guy faked me out more than once.  I saw that color and got all fluttery in my stomach, but alas, not a chanterelle.

I saw a few oysters, which are edible, but the bugs had gotten to them first.  Maybe next year I'll catch them.

Coral mushrooms are so cool.

I love these tiny and delicate ones.

It looks like a fairy dropped her umbrella.

I saw three large clumps of these and from a distance thought they were a maitake or a cauliflower fungus, but no.  I believe these are polyporus umbellata.  The bugs beat me to these also.

I like how this one is poised on the stick.  So graceful.

Uhh... okay.  I haven't ID'd this yet, but I'm guessing it's a type of coral mushroom as well.

Back in my yard my kids found this teeny guy.  This is one I've wanted to see for years and here it was right out my door.  It's a birds nest cup fungus.

See those black "eggs"?  They're part of the fungus.  It looks like there had been two more inside there at one time, and once full it would look like a little nest.

The wild strawberries are ripe and I had a little (emphasis on little) snack out in the woods.  I felt lucky to get them, my kids can sniff out a wild strawberry a mile away and mow them down like small grazing animals.

Wishing you all a good weekend.  I hope you get to sneak a little sweetness and wonder into yours.


Jodi said...

I enjoy it so much when you share with us your nature explorations and fabulous finds!

Glo said...

Why can't you wash off the bugs on a mushroom and eat it anyway?

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

So many fungi that you could write a book about them, right ?! (not surprising after all the rain you've had)
Mama's hands need some TLC, don't they ? Wishing I could come & help you take care of these precious two helpers. They deserve some recognition & love.

Marilyn said...

it almost felt like we were under water in some of the I know you've had horrendous rain...but please tell me you aren't submerged...fabulous finds and fotos...!!! and as for the hands...sign of an earth mother...

Marysia said...

Great photos! I love hiking in the forest and searching for such treasures.

leFiligree said...

great mushroom finds. could the grey things be dead man's fingers (xylaria polymorpha) in the early stages?

Tumus said...

I'm envious of your rain, not the torrential rains just the fact that you've had some consistently. Hope your basement is drying out though!!

Margie Oomen said...

i adore that birds nest fungi
at first i thought it was a very large pixie cup lichen.

k said...

wow, you've got a lot of mushrooms going on in your woods right now - we just have a couple, here and there. i like going on a walk with you.


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