Friday, June 01, 2012

summer vacation begins

Today is the first day of summer vacation.  It's a quarter past 7 and my children are just starting to wake, having given me a good long time to read and sip my coffee. I'm feeling happy but somewhat low on sleep after a laughter-filled night out with new friends.  New friends that feel like old friends.

I'd like to linger a bit longer in this state but little voices and my own growling belly are beckoning towards the kitchen and the start to the day.  The chickens will be watching for me and tapping their feet impatiently while I pour their food too.  There is much to do.  These next few months will bring a lot.  Visits from friends, new experiences, many projects to finish, things I can't wait to share.

My youngest boy announced yesterday that school is over and now he's "home-schooled".  I laughed.  I'm not a home-schooler, but I do plan to teach him how to weed the garden today.  (insert a hearty muahaha here)  In truth there will be schooling this summer, mostly disguised as fun, but there will be just as much bike-riding, swimming, and fort-building.

I picked the first meadow mushroom (agaricus campetstris) of the season yesterday.  I noticed these little pink-gilled mushrooms last year but hadn't properly ID'd them until now.  It seems early, but I won't complain, as it will be nice to have a new edible on the table.  It's a running joke here whenever I sample a new mushroom to ask if I've made up some freezer meals beforehand to feed my poor orphaned family should I suffer an untimely demise.  In reality, I'm very cautious when I try a new one, identifying them beyond a doubt whenever there may be a poisonous look-alike, and sampling only a bit to see how I react to it.  It's said there are old mushroom hunters and bold mushroom hunters, but not old, bold, mushroom hunters.  I hope to live to be an old mushroom hunter.

And now to begin the day.

I hope yours is spectacular.


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

what a wonderful read this morning. just the sort of quiet, blissful read I needed before a long office day. *sigh* to be able to work in the garden today would be a nice bit of euphoria.

Mousy Brown said...

I love that early morning time by myself before the day begins...sounds like the rest of your day should be pretty cool too, disguising garden work as play is always a good way to spend the summer!

Tumus said...

I read that first line of your post like, "Today is the 1st day of summer vacation and the last day of the rest of my life." hehehe, I'm sure I'll feel that way once my kids are old enough to have summer vacays.

joanie said...

This is a fun post. I truly can't wait to see what the next few months brings you. I'm happy you had a great night with new "old" friends too.
Yay for summer vacation! But please don't tell my kiddos, they don't finish until July 20 and I'll hear endless groans... "Why can't we live in America?"

leFiligree said...

mmm that agaricus is going to be good with steak! or in an will you prepare it?

Margie Oomen said...

beautiful spore print


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