Friday, September 06, 2013


Yesterday I spent a glorious day on the shores of Lake Superior with a friend.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  The weather was wonderful and the company equally so.  We didn't have anything on our agenda except play on the beach, which we did.  For many, many hours.

 There was rock-picking.  Oh yes there was.  We spent much of our time picking up the stones, feeling their texture, marveling at the different shapes and colors and how warm they were from the sun.

I skipped a few, kept a few more, and played with some too.

A number of agate-hunters were combing one of the beaches we visited.  Some of them walked where the water met the shore, some crawling on their hands and knees digging in the stones, and some of them right in the water with their shoes on. 

So when I found a nice little agate among the smooth stones I snuck down to the water and left it, hoping it would make one of those agate-hunters happy.

 All of the stress of earlier in the week had been forgotten and replaced with a fullness that comes from a day with your feet on stones and lake breezes.

I hope this weekend give you a similar fullness.
Happy Friday, all.


lynn bowes said...

I can feel the cool of the day in your pictures and the warmth of the soft worn stones. I always pick up the striped ones since they're good luck so I hope you brought a few of those home in your pockets.

xox :: your agate-hunter bud

The Inside Stori said...

I must tell you I love reading your blog......and I'm fairly selfish about spending too much time surfing the over abudence of blogs.....otherwise I'd never get my own projects completed.

Your post today was a true education.....I grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan.....quite different than where you are....but I never knew one could find agates in this manner!

I'm over the moon incorporating/embellishing them into my work...mostly felted wool..... Tx's for sharing.

Amanda Pedro said...

lovely, but do tell.. is that DRIFTWOOD??!!!!
Around here, it would have been all harvested for the handy folks treasures!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thank you!

And yep, that's driftwood. That entire beach had a ribbon of driftwood along it about 3 feet wide. Stones and driftwood, does it get any better?

Allisunny S. said...

We passed like ships in the night my dear!! We were in Grand Marais for four days!!!! Xoxox

Ariadne said...

I am glad you recharged your batteries!And the stones are ideal for your art!ARiadnefromGreece!

Margie Oomen said...

i wish i could have been there

jademond said...

OMG all that driftwood and pebbles and stones! How can you walk home without dragging it ALL with you? So beautyful. I'd like to have a walk there. So inspiring.

Heart Box Studio said...

Oh my is so interesting to see your rocky shore. We are on the shores of Lake Michigan and it is so different:) So beautiful! I hope to get that way one day. XO


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