Thursday, February 03, 2011

Crafting For Ourselves

I love looking around the Crafting For Ourselves Flickr group, it always fills me with inspiration.  It can be so hard to make the time to create for ourselves, but it's so worth it.  Just look at what these crafty souls have been up to, and go check out the pool for even more wonderfulness.

I did a little crafting for myself too yesterday.  My old wallet finally bit the dust so I whipped up a new one from a piece of leather from a thrifted coat.  The leather was thin enough that I could sew it with my sewing machine so it made it a very quick project.  Because the leather is a little floppy, I went with a tie instead of a magnetic or otherwise clunky closure.  It will work, and best of all, I reused something from my stash and it cost me pennies to make.

Now if I can find out where my kids hid my purse, I can fill it up.  sigh

I hope you all have a good day and make a little time to create for yourselves too.


Sonia said...

ack, your new wallet is just terrific Lisa !
unfortunately no such thing for me these weeks, but I must make sure to make it happen soon. (thanks for the reminder !!) So happy to see Nanou's sweet little owl here :)

tamdoll said...

That wallet is fantastic! I have a shirt lying on my table waiting for some paint and stitches, with all the mittens and hats I've been making for everyone else, along with things to sell, I need to make something for myself!

joanie said...

I love that new wallet. I always want to craft with leather but never find a good source for it. Perhaps when boot fair season is here again I'll get lucky :)

Happy weekend to you!


susan christensen said...

very nifty! happy weekend, sus

karen said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for including my gathering bag. Everyone's crafts are awesome. I especially love the wallet you made for yourself. My daughter was checking it out and she's in love with it too. Super cool idea!!!

Kathleen said...

wallet came out beautiful! you are so very talented.

Kathleen xx

PumpkinGirl said...

That wallet rules! I have never tried using thrifted leather, but if you say it's easy, maybe I'll be brave and try it sometime!

Anonymous said...

It's been ages since I added something to the group Crafting ourselves... But I really do enjoy the things that are posted there :)
In-dead, a wonderful source of inspiration ;)

l.c. said...

You are so very talented! I love how you find so many ways to re-use things. (and in such a beautiful way!)
I never think of such clever uses, but you give me such wonderful ideas! Thank you, Lisa!


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