Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turkey In The Snow

Turkey in the snow
safe from autumn's glancing blow
feast, forage, and grow


7 comments: said...

Turkeys walk on ice
Falling once, twice on their butts
They cackle, I laugh

(hilarity ensues - ahhh, country life)
xox :: lynn

Anonymous said...

ahaha poor turkey LOL

Tara said...

Thank you for the Sunday morning smile!

Tumus said...

that's more turkeys than I've seen in years!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

I love turkeys in the snow! A couple years ago when I was visiting my parents, I had to stop on the dirt road and let 20 turkeys pass by! Of course, they don't respond to honks or realize when you're running late. Silly turkeys!

Lisa said...

No way! I am in Canada and well what did I see in the woods today yup a bunch of wild turkeys!

NanaBeast said...

I love the two turkeys on the right of the last photo. They are playing Walk This Way.


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