Monday, February 28, 2011


I started reading The Long Winter last night.  I've been re-reading the Little House books, childhood favorites of mine, that I picked up second-hand and look what I found tucked in between page 50 and 51.

Luck!  It struck me as funny given that the passage on that page tells of the cows whose faces froze to the ground during a blizzard.

Note to self: no grazing outside until it's much warmer. 

Do you remember this image from a few weeks ago?

I had mentioned that I would have to keep my eyes open for a little dog head button to add to my Little House collection.  Well, much to my surprise, a sweet little button landed in my mailbox courtesy of the wonderful Nini.

Isn't it just perfect?

OK, and here is where you get to roll your eyes at me...I bought a button.  Yes, after unloading 100 pounds of buttons, I bought one.  But just look at it!  It's so cool.

There's even wash hanging on the line.  I had to have it.

All this reading has me itching to make green pumpkin pie and practice my stitching.  I'll pass on the red flannels though.  If you haven't read the books, you should.  If you're on Twitter check out HalfPintIngalls.  She has a new book coming out in April, The Wilder Life: My Adventures In The Lost World Of Little House On The Prairie, which I am going to have to order.

The temperature is almost up to zero here this morning and I'm crossing my (frozen) fingers that it hits the projected 27.  This winter is getting long.

Have a good and warm Monday, all.


umelecky said...

What a wonderful post! I can see why you had to have that button.

Marilyn said...

no grazing!!!!! you are funny...

I can understand why you had to have the button. What a beauty that is.. and the dog one too!
stay warm

Kar said...

The button with the little house on it is just too awesome Lisa! We love, love, love the Little House books. An absolute favorite around here.

I'm with you on the whole winter thing. It's time to go and warm up. I'm just glad we don't get the sub zero temps like MN. Here's hoping you get a warmer week dear!

susan christensen said...

Yes, I love the Little House books - haven't read since daughter was small. Your buttons are marvelous! (I am a collector, too). Here we are again in the deep freeze - feeling ready for spring which seems far away still. happy day to you!

Scrapiana said...

I guess, after all your de-stashing, the odd 'new' button is allowed to creep in. Your dog looks like the same one as on this picture, though the gilt on mine has rubbed off.

ZenCrafter said...

We are lucky to have Joanie as a friend!

Your new button reminds me of this plate: The potter, who has her studio just a few miles from us, made an impression from an old cast-iron stove that was in the old barn she has her studio in. It was a great save!

Amber Siepel said...

I loved this post. I would have bought that button, too! I loved the first two LIttle House books as a kid. I didn't have what it took to read the whole series as a kid and I still don't, but my now 8 yr. old daughter does. We read the whole series together and I treasure the memory. I'm sure I will read them again someday (maybe with a grandaughter?!). Thanks for the reminder. And good luck with your weather--it's a balmy 35 here in Ithaca!

joanie said...

Awww, so glad little dog arrived to join your "Little House" collection. I wouldn't dream of rolling my eyes at you, after all I did order a pound of buttons from your gorgeous collection to add to my own overflowing stock of them... if my husband only knew!
And thanks for the sweet words Pat, I think I'm the lucky one :)

Laura said...

That Little House button is awesome! Definitely a worth while purchase. :)

Tara said...

I'm not what you would call a button person but I love those two buttons.

NanaBeast said...

I LOVE the dog button Joanie sent you! Not quite Laura's Jack, but perfect in it's Scotty way.

My mother tells me the Little House books are responsible for my finally becoming a reader. I acted out as much of the books as I could. I wanted a coffee mill long before I ever drank coffee. I remember being a teenager and crying buckets over The First Four Years.

Then I got to read them all over again with my girls. My son, the third child, was never interested. However, both my grandsons love the books. I still reread them every couple of years.

julochka said...

i can totally see why you had to have that button.

i reread the LIW books a year and a half ago and i have to admit i wish i hadn't. a lot of the magic was's politics were pretty questionable, poor ma and her little china woman...but i won't go on and can read what i thought about it at the time here:

i do, however, totally admire how much they knew how to do!! from scalding a pig to making a 9-patch quilt. ma knew how to do it all!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

A four-leaf clover in a book! How cool! And lucky. That dog button is just what you needed, and I really like the cabin scene one. I can't say I've seen a landscape button like that, it's so sweet.

You're right, I need to read those books!

Pollon72 said...

Ciao! Che belli i tuoi bottoni! Ho visto che hai scritto altri post sui bottoni, piacciono molto anche a me! Lo sai che in una città vicino dove abito io c'è un Museo in cui ci sono 10.500 bottoni?! E il suo curatore ti racconta la storia di ogni bottone. Alcuni sono antichi, altri preziosi, alcuni normali ma a me piacciono tutti! Claudia (Italia)


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